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Honey Bee Cultivation

Honeybees are animals that bring many benefits. The most important benefit that we often encounter is honey that is able to treat various diseases. Honey extract is obtained from plants that contain honey like roses, orchids, jasmine and other flowers. Honey bees also play a lot in the pollination of flowers that it seized, honey is taken from the plant was consumed by bees and used to make a nest for the breeding place. The honey we used to enjoy comes from the beehive where the honeybee colonies grow. If you plan on raising honey bees, you need a Bee Keeper Costume that you can get by visiting our website.

Honey bees are included in the insect classes, including insects. Various species, species of bees located in the region of Indonesia including the type of Cerana, Dorsata, Florea, and Mellifera. Of the bees are often cultivated for being able to produce superior quality honey is the type Mellifera.

Bee Species Based on the Terrestrial Territory

– Cerana Bee
The Cerana bee species originated from the Asian plains, spreading to China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar.

– Dorsata Bee
This bee species is the largest bee of any other species. The original habitat is scattered throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore to the Philippines.

– Florea bee
The species of Florea bee is the bee with the smallest size, its habitat spread in the Arabian Peninsula region, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh to Indonesia.

– Mellifera Bee
Species of this type of bee spread in mainland Europe including Britain, France, Italy, Greece and some countries around the Mediterranean.

In bee life system there are 3 types of bees with their respective duties, namely queen bees, worker bees and male bees.

– Queen Bees
The queen bee is a female bee which is the core of the running of the system of colonies of bee life. In one bee colony (one nest), there is only one queen bee. If there are two queen bees they will fight each other to death or one of them leave the nest. The queen bee can be recognized by its long belly characteristics, much longer than its wings. The size of the queen bee’s chest is larger than the worker’s bee and the queen’s bee head is round.

– Worker Bees
Each bee colony is about 30 thousand to 60 thousand bees worker. The characteristics of worker bees are the smallest in size compared to the male bees. Its head is triangular and the back legs are covered with long feathers, long hair is useful for storing pollen while flying for food.

– Male Bees
The number of bees is only hundreds in a colony of bees. The job of the bees is to marry the queen bees, male bees who dare to marry bees queens only bees who have grown up. Marriage is done by flying high in the sky during sunny weather. Bees that can pursue the queen bee alone who can marry the queen bee. The male bee that successfully marries the queen bee will not die long because the testis is loose and embedded in the ovarium of the queen bee.