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How To Determine The Place To Raise Bees

Honeybees have products such as honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and each is rich in benefits. In the past to get all that, people will hunt to the forest by burning the hive to keep the bees away from the nest, then from the hive is taken the result. This will break off the bees and colonies, making the bees more difficult to find. Here the way to stay sustainable is to raise honeybees. To raise honey bees, you need a Bee Keeper Costume and you need to determine the right place, here’s how you can do:

The choice of place, that’s the first thing we have to do if planning to the honey bee, because it will affect the results and age of the bees, the selection of inappropriate places to make honey produced cannot be maximal and the quality less good.

Find a place with the ideal temperature, the bees usually stay at an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. maximum. To outsmart the temperature you can estimate the thickness of the wood used to build the nest, to avoid sudden temperature changes in the honeycomb.

Avoid the Crowds
Find a quiet place, make the bees become aggressive, make it quickly die. Besides, if placed in peace will be dangerous to others around.

There is a source of clean water
Water is useful for drinking bees. If not there can be provided by themselves.

Look for places with lots of flowers, with a distance of no more than 2 km
This method can be tricked by occasionally bringing a beehive to a place where there are many nectars.

Avoid places with strong winds
This can be done by limiting the vicinity of the beekeeping.

Find locations that are easy to access by vehicle

The choice of place is, of course, flexible, even if only in the yard of the house is not why, as long as the basic things such as availability of nectar, clean water and the absence of strong winds around it must be met. But of course, more leverage if all the above conditions are met.