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The Basic Way To Harvest Honey

After maintaining and treating the honeycomb, the results you can enjoy while harvesting and tasting honey. Harvesting honey may seem troublesome, but by taking the proper precautions and following each step correctly, the results obtained will be worth your effort. To help you keep safe from bees, you can use Bee Keeper Costume.

Determine the right time to harvest. On a sunny day, most bees will be feeding between 09.00-16.00. Harvest honey in this span of time, so naturally there will be only a few bees you have to face. The season also greatly affects the yield and quality of the honey harvest. The bees will stop producing honey and provide food for the queen in late summer and early fall, so most of the space in the beehive will be left empty. Thus, you should harvest the honey before. Harvest two to three weeks after the main nectar drains honey. You can ask the professional beekeeper around you to be sure. You can decide for yourself by weighing the beehive every night during the middle of summer. The main nectar starts removing honey as the beehive reaches its heaviest weight.

Banish bees with smoke. Turn on the ignition and hover over the honeycomb. Exhale the smoke around the honeycomb cover, then open the top and blow smoke into it. This step will make the bees move to the base and away from the top of the honeycomb.

Open the honeycomb. Beeswax keeps the beehive attached to the frame. Use a knife, fork, or a dull butter knife to peel the candle and open both sides of the beehive frame. If you have a spare frame, you can remove the old frame and open the beehive on the outside. Slip your backup frame into the beehive after removing the old frame. This method is generally recommended because it can minimize your exposure to angry bees.

Move the honeycomb into a closed room. If left exposed to open air, the surrounding bees will be attracted to the honeycomb aroma and will accumulate there. You should immediately process the beehive after removing it. At that time, the honey was still quite liquid. But it will start to harden if left unchecked.