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A Complete Guide on Beekeeper Suit

Beekeeping is a profession or hobby for many and it involves maintaining a honey bee colony, commonly in man made hives made by humans. The person who follows this hobby or profession is referred as Beekeeper and they role is to keep the bees healthy to collect their honey and other products that these insects produce like beeswax and pollinate crops and to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers. There are specialized suits or dress available for these professionals and it comprises of protective garments which are worn by the professionals involved in this hobby or business of beekeeping. Bees are cute and fuzzy and can be easily provoked and when they are provoked it can cause painful stings which can be deadly if you are allergic. So, to prevent their stings and ensure that you are protected with proper gears it is necessary to make use of these costumes designed for beekeeping.

Many people follow this hobby or profession, not only for collecting honey or to sell it for profit, but also for the benefits that these files can offer. Apart from honey, the bees are also known to produce beeswax which is widely used in the application of human foods for flavoring. Farmers also prefer having a colony of bees because they help them in pollinating the crops, especially when cross pollination is required. So, for all these reasons beekeeping is becoming a common profession today and to deal with the bees with precautionary costumes, it is necessary that you invest in good quality Beekeeper Costumes.

The Hat and Veil for Beekeeping

Being the prospective Beekeeper, it is necessary that you keep your head safe and protected from the stings of these flies and for this Beekeeping Hats are introduced. The hat alone is not enough for protection as you also need to include the beekeeping veils along with your hat for utmost protection from stings.

The hat is bordered by the veil on the external so that it can be called as one piece. There are some models where the hat and the veil come separately and it is quite impractical and insecure for beekeeping. But this is more a preference thing. But the biggest advantage of choosing the hat and veil as one piece is that it is use to wear and can be fastened with the beekeeping suit which makes it difficult for bees to make ways to get inside for stings. The beekeeping hat will provide protection to your head and the veil is there to protect the face and neck from the stings of the bees. There are different types of beekeeping veils available today.

  • Round Veil – As the name suggest, it is the rounded veil that comes in classical design and provide wide field view and has ample space between the protective mesh and face
  • Fencing Veil – This is the modern design veil that is designed in a way which reduces the contact between the head, hair and veil.
  • Square Veil – This is a square and foldable design that allows the users to store it easily in the beekeeping costume bag

Beekeeping Gloves

The Beekeeper Gloves are the accessories which are worn along with the beekeeping suit and it acts as the protection for the hands and fingers. Bees usually get provoked when someone touches the honey in their hives and hence the person must be extra careful and wear these gloves along with the beekeeping suit for maximum protection to the hands. There are some professionals who prefer not to use the gloves while beekeeping and as a result they experience their stung and suffer from painful inflammation. So, it is necessary that you wear the gloves while handling the bees.

The Beekeeping Jackets

Beekeeping Jackets are another important accessory that every Beekeeper needs to wear for the protection of their body. These jackets usually resemble the parka jacket or those the firefighter wears, but their design varies a bit. The best jacket is the one that allows you to fasten the veil and hat easily with a zipper. It must be combined with the beekeeping lowers or pants. When you move away from the hives, you can easily unzip the veil and hat and the pant from the jacket. The best beekeeping jackets are designed white mesh material because this is the color which is unattractive to bees and hence they avoid getting in contact with the white color.

Another reason for choosing the white beekeeping jacket is that most of the beekeeping acts are performed during the summer months and the heat during these seasons is extremely high. So, the white color absorbs less heat from sun and giving your body a breathable and cooler environment.

Beekeeping Boots and Pants

The beekeeping boots and pants are the final accessory that a Beekeeper needs to have in their beekeeping bag. While harvesting the bees, some of the bees tend to drop down on ground and they may gradually crawl into your clothes and may sting you. So, it is necessary that you wear proper boots and pants to prevent the painful sting of the bees. The boots and the pants ensure that the bees dropped down on ground can’t crawl and access the inner part of your clothes to sting you.

The boots and the pants for beekeeping must be worn along with other important beekeeping accessories to make a complete suit for beekeeping. When you purchase the beekeeping suits you must ensure that it comprises all the accessories for beekeeping which include the boots, pants, gloves, hat, veils and beekeeping jackets. The quality rubber boots are always recommended because they are strong and can last longer and also prevent the bees from crawling inside your clothes to unleash their sting.

These were some of the accessories which your beekeeping bag must comprise and ensure to buy the complete suit to enjoy the best beekeeping experience. You must wear all the protective gears which will keep you safe while harvesting the bees.